All foreigners entering Myanmar shall have a valid visa issued by the Myanmar Embassies or Consulates concerned. However, an e-visa system has been introduced with visitors able to apply online for their entry visas. Please visit…………………. or the websites of the relevant Myanmar Embassy in one's country for details. Visa on Arrival can also be arranged by one's travel agency based in Myanmar.

Airport Tax

The tax is included in the flight ticket.

Myanmar Currency

Myanmar currency is called Kyats. Myanmar currency notes come in Kyats 10,000(Ten Thousand), Kyats 5000(Five Thousand), Kyats 200(Two Hundred), Kyats 50(Fifty), Kyats.

International Credit Cards

Visa card is now accepted at most hotels and restaurants as well as many retail outlets catering to the tourist trade. Travellers Checks normally are cashed at the banks. But some international hotel chains would cash the checks for their in-house guests.


Myanmar has three seasons: Hot (Summer); Rainy (Monsoon) and Cool season. Warm to scorching from March to May in the dry central zones of the country but moderate on the hilly regions. Monsoon season is from June to October in Yangon and coastal regions but less rain in the central dry zone. Cool season can be cold in the mountains, although there is no snow or frost but in Yangon and Mandalay a light jacket or a shawl would be enough. So bring what clothes are necessary depending on the season and the places one wishes to visit.

Mosquitoes and insects

Being a tropical country Myanmar has its share of mosquitoes and other insects. Mosquito repellents, antiseptic creams are compulsory items to pack in your first aid kit.

Protection from the sun

Sunscreen lotions are a must for sensitive skins as well. Have a good umbrella or a wide brimmed hat if one is planning to go out in the sun.

Personal medicines

There are good international clinics to look after visitors but still bring the medicines one would normally rely for your health. One might not find the same kind of medicine in the country. And it is strongly recommended to have medical insurance before departure from home.


Drink only bottled water. There are plenty on sale. Or drink only hot Chinese tea. Ice cubes or iced water is tempting but do not tempt fate.


There are many good reputable and clean restaurants with reasonable prices. And the food is good too. Do not try street food. Make your visit memorable and see the sights, but not from a hospital bed.


Most tourists would go to Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon for their memorabilia. But remember, bargaining is an art. Try your skills and get good prices. Antiques, especially ancient Buddha statues etc are prohibited items. They need a permit from the Archaeology Department to be taken out of the country. Most jewellery shops give official vouchers to be shown at Customs at the airport.


Child sex and other anti social acts are in violation of the country's law. Human trafficking as well as drug offences are very serious crimes. Drug cases usually carry the death sentence. Generally petty crime rates in most major cities are low, but it is never wrong to be prudent in deciding what to do or where to go at what time of the day.


230 volts; 50 Hz. But please be aware that there could be frequent black outs and brown outs, especially during the hot season. Please take care of your electronics.

Myanmar Standard Time

It is 6:30 hours ahead of UTC (GMT)

Do's and Don'ts for Tourist

Myanmar is a very religious country and as such the people expect all visitors to respect their deeply held customs and traditions. One of the top most priorities is for visitors to take off their shoes and socks when visiting religious places like pagodas and monasteries. Skimpy dresses and other inappropriate dresses for both sexes, like singlets and shorts, are not allowed inside these places. Public display of affection is also frowned upon. A booklet "Do's and Don'ts" had been published by the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism is available on the website of the Ministry.

There is a booklet on the do's and don'ts available on the website of Ministry of Hotels & Tourism.


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