Chin State Venture Ecotourism ( 4 Days )


Tour Name

- 4 Days - Chin State (Venture Ecotourism)


Tour Fields

- Kanpetlet - Mt Victoria - Mindat


 Tour essence

- Ecotourism (flora, fauna and nature based trip)
- Hiking, trekking looks venture style
- Chin ethnic women adorned tattoo on her face
- Remote and authentic nature, agriculture

Day 01 Bagan – Kanpetlet * 195 km approx 7 hr by off road local jeep ( - / L / D )

Route – Bagan – Chauk – Kazunma – Hsaw – Kanpetlet

Bagan to Kanpetlet journey is a way of studying the semi-desert land to forested high mountain area. After passing through flat land, you will reach to Chauk; a town rich with old and new oil fields. After across Ayeyarwaddy river, the semi-desert land goes up to Hsaw town that nestle at the foot of Chin mountain range.
The road from Hsaw to Kanpetlet is the dusty zig-zag and sometimes steep mountain road passing through natural forests and valley. The small town Kanpetlet is situated at 1390 m above sea level and surrounded by thickly forested area. The temperature is cool year round and pleasant. An educational center of Natmataung national park stands there. Overnight in a guest house beyond the town.
After 30 miles from Hsaw , after passing the Pong Taung Pon Nyar mountain ranges will reach to Seikphyu. 

Day 02 Kanpetlet – Mt Victoria – Aye village ( B / L / D )

After breakfast, tour about the little town include educational center. Chin tribe women wearing various pattern of tattoo on their face and attractive amber necklaces. Optional trekking to one of the Chin villages in the area such as Yelaungban, Hlalaung or Makyaukah villages some about as far as 8 km to observe way of life in Chin tribe.
In the late morning, your journey goes deep inside of Natma taung national park. Rich flora and fauna come to your sight endless. Attractive sceneries with numerous kinds of native birds through evergreen forest with large oaks and laurels which later changes in to a dry low pine forest with rhododendron. After 16.5 km, the point that is at 1830m elevation, a path split and lead to Mt Victoria peak*3110m. The entire hiking up and down could as long as 5 hrs to the same point.
(Hiking is an optional activity. You can make it partially or wholly. Today there is a rough, off the beaten track up to the summit. Off road jeep can get to the summit).
Continue drive to Aye village which exists at 1738 meter above sea. Relax at a very simple guest house where you will put up. If time permits, walk down the village in the evening. 

Day 03 Aye village – Kyardo village – Mindat ( B / L / D )

Breakfast at the guest house. Set out our trekking journey to Kyardo village. Your trail will follow through maze, beans and tea plantation, Most people from this village speak their native Chin language and rather difficult to communicate unless you have proper Chin local guide. Beside most of the men in the villages are also skilled hunters. Approximate 3:30-4:00 hr, your jeep is waiting at Chechaung, the valley creek which is at the foot of mountain where Mindat is situated at 1480 meter above sea level. Mindat however higher elevation than Kanpetlet, it is much warmer as the surrounding is lack of forest and housing extension. In the late afternoon, walk about the town. Overnight in Mindat.

Day 04 Mindat – Pakoku – Bagan – 250 km approx 8 hrs ( B / L / D )

Route – Mindat – Kyauk htu – Myaing – Pakoku – Bagan

The descend from Mindat to Kyaukhtu is very scenic for its crops plantation. Many wild birds, fowls and small mammals pasture this favourable ground. The mountain range gets lower. Of them Pon daung and Ponyar partly hilly and partly flat is the first settlement of primitive age very famous among archaeologist as recent discover by the International team of the fossilized remains found from Pontaung formation about 34 to 49 million years. The team discovered fragments of such animals as turtle, crocodile, rhinoceros, and pig in Pontaung stone layers. Beyond Kyaukhtu, you will again to semi-desert land, many sand creeks and it is still to fulfill the delight od venture lovers. Approach to Pakoku, a fairly large commercial town. Visit highlights and market area. Across Ayeyarwaddy river by the longest bridge and shortly get back to Bagan.


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