Chin State







The Chin State is divided into the North and the South. Haka, in Northern Chin State, is the State as well as the regional capital of the Chin State. Mindat is the regional capital for the Southern Chin State. The road to Northern Chin State would begin at Kalaymyo on the foothills of the Northern Chin Hills and road to Mindat will begin in Bagan and then cross over the Ayeyarwady River to drive via Kyauktu.
Chin State is mostly known for its tattoo women. There are many theories on the origin of this custom ranging from disfiguring the face to make it unattractive for Kings to select the girls as their consorts, to identifying the female hostages in time of wars between clans.
The Chin Hills were once described as a plant hunter's paradise by a renown British naturalist Frank Kingdon-Ward as he found many exotic floral species in these hills. Natma Taung (Mt Victoria) is the highest peak in the southern Chin State and a good place to go trekking. It is also a National Park.
The Northern Chin State opened to international visitors just recently but one interesting place to visit would be the Reed Lake near the Indian border. It is a heart shaped lake in a valley surrounded by high mountains.
The Chin National Day is celebrated every year on February 20 at both Haka and Mindat.

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