Kachin State







Myitkyina and Putao are some of the most important tour sites in the Kachin State. Another is Inndawgyi Lake. Myitkyina is the capital of the Kachin State and about 27 miles to the north is the confluence of the Maihka and N'maihka rivers at Tanphre village. This confluence is the start of the mighty Ayeyarwady River that flows through Myanmar to finally empty into the Bay of Bengal near Yangon.
Putao is home to the Rawang ethic group and the nearest place to see the ice capped mountains of northern Myanmar without actually climbing them. Hkakaborazi Summit, in Nongmung Township, is the highest peak in the whole of mainland Southeast Asia and stand tall at more than 19,000 feet above sea level. Only one attempt to reach this peak had been successful. It was by the late Japanese mountaineer Ozaki who reached the summit in 1996 together with a local Myanmar climber, Namar Gyaltsen. The Hkakaborazi National Park was also established 1996.
The Kachin and the Rawang ethnic groups celebrate the Manaw or the Kachin New Year in the middle of January every year.
Inndawgyi Lake is situated in Monyin Township in 1999 and occupies an area of more than 700 sq kms. Inndawgyi Park was recognized as ASEAN Heritage Park in 2003. The lake is home to many endemic as well as migratory birds and a good site for birders. The Shwemyitzu Pagoda in the middle of the lake celebrates its annual festival in the Myanmar month of Thadingyut (October).

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